How to Convince Your Boss That Your Website Needs Professional SEO Services

So maybe you've tried, once or twice to present the idea of search engine marketing to your boss. To you, it’s clear to you that SEO services would boost business and increase profits, but they've remained the proverbial stick in the mud. Stuck, and proud of it. They want to stick to "tried and true" but don’t realize that sticking around will leave them behind! Or maybe they already know that getting SEO services is a good idea, but want to see if you’re dedicated enough to convince them. Knock their socks off with these simple and effective tips for convincing them that internet marketing is the solution they've been looking for, or didn't even know they needed, but will be lost without!

Use Metaphors

We aren't talking about a bear in the woods, this is serious business. If you’re company was a store in a strip mall, would they rather it be on a quiet street where the squirrels gather and the dust flies, or on the busy street with tons of exposure and traffic? A website without marketing is good for little more than tumbleweeds and acorn storage. This leads to the next tip, which adds value to something they already own.

Reveal an Ignored Investment

Whether the website is old or new, some type of resources or money was spent on it. A great point you can make to your boss is that the website has the potential to be more than a product; it is an investment that could, and should, be working for them! A website that just sits around without any marketing (and as a result, no traffic) is like buying some gourmet candy for a party and then putting it in the hall closet, then just hoping that someone who’s hungry will happen to look behind that door, and then counting on them to spend enough time looking in the closet that they find the bowl, and then actually reach into the bowl to realize that it’s quality candy that they should taste! If you bought the candy for the party, and WANT people to eat it, then shouldn't it be accessible?  And honestly, if the candy is that good, why is it in the closet in the first place? I think I’d trust the newer and obviously more readily available candy out in the open, where it’s easy to find.

Mention The Competition

Every single business out there has a competitor of some kind, and therefore, if someone is a boss, they have probably already come to this realization at some point. We study the competition, figure out how to be the same, better or different. One of the things that you need to point out is that your competitors, by having their websites marketed, are much more visible to potential customers and clients. Before you can convince them that you are the best, they have to actually FIND you first! Do a little research beforehand (bosses love research) on what competitors have websites that are ranked higher than yours or are even at the top of the search engines. Explain how no matter how good a product your company has, nothing can beat a product that is easy to find! Emphasize the point that investing in quality website marketing will give you an EDGE over the competition. And in the case that your competitors aren't ranked? Perfect. The sooner you get to the top, the better, because search engines like to reward long standing sites who are serious about their businesses and are marketed properly.

Secure the Personal Relationship

So your boss is all about building "personal professional relationships" with clients and doesn't think the website, or how much traffic it generates is important? Now as tempting as it might be, DO NOT ask the question "Then why do we have one?"
because said boss might move even farther back in time out of fear that they are losing touch with the customers (and out of wounded pride). Then present this: When you tell a prospective client about your business, hand them some marketing materials, and tell them to give a call or look up the site sometime, do you really think they will go find the card when the times comes to actually do that? They might, but the overwhelming majority of people will go to their favorite search engine, usually Google, and begin searching keyword phrases that pertain to your business… Now wouldn't it be a shame if that personal relationship you built with that client over all those years was destroyed by a competitor whose shiny and high ranked website was seen before yours? Customers are only human, and if they find something close enough to what they are looking for, no amount of personalized pens and notepads will remind and motivate them enough to want to find you in the vast digital haystack of the internet!

Keep it Fresh

Every company wants to keep up with and surpass their competitors, and another way to do it is by keeping up with the trends in the market. Now your boss might admit that SEO services might help, but that older methods like cold calls, direct mailers, or yellow page ads work better.  The fact is that 82.6% of internet users use search engines to research products or services online, and the number of internet users is growing every day. Getting professional SEO services for your website will not only help get your site to the top of the search engines where potential (and current!) customers can find you, but it will help keep you there, and keep new traffic coming every day.

Present Undeniable Facts

Now's the time to bring out that research. Break out the poster board and markers, create a digital slide show, write a paper… Put it on a cake, or stuff it in a giant fortune cookie if that’s what will get your boss interested! You can go as far as using online tools to show your boss your rankings (or lack thereof) and then give them the bad news… Your competitors’… they have higher rankings than you, and because they are so accessible, they are getting business that could be yours. That’ll get their attention! There are many tools online that can give you these facts to present to them, and even the most stubborn of bosses can’t deny numbers. Include stats that are relevant to your business if possible, and if you think it will help, overwhelm them with so many details that they become convinced that you really must know what you’re talking about, and that they should really take the advice of such a intelligent person!

Treat it Like the TPS Report Memo

The number one best advice for convincing your boss that you need SEO services is to be persistent...beat it into them that your website can be generating more traffic, quality leads, and ultimately more revenue for the company.  You know SEO is important, and the odds are that your fellow employees know it too. In the end, whoever does the most convincing "get some SEO services" song and dance is the one who will get all the credit when business starts booming! Wouldn't you like to be the one who is given praise and thanks for all the increased traffic to their site? This is one situation, where the thought isn't what counts, but it's your action and persistence that does!

Is Google Panda Kung Fu'ing Your Website Rankings?

What is Panda?  And How Does it Work?

Google uses a complex algorithm to determine which websites rank at the top of the results whenever a user performs a search.  They use it to look at hundreds or thousands of website characteristics to determine which site they consider to have more relevancy.  A website that is search engine optimized properly will outrank poorly optimized websites, which is why search engine marketing companies exist.

Periodically Google will make a large changes to their algorithm and people will notice.  With the recent intervals of updates nicknamed "Panda", thousands of websites have lost significant rankings and positions.  The Panda algorithm change was released in February of 2011 in the United States and went global in April 2011, and was primarily to affect what Google considered "low quality websites".  Reports have claimed that almost 12% of all search results were affected.

What Does Google Consider a High Quality Website?

For obvious reasons, Google will not specifically announce exactly what it looks for when determining if a website is high or low quality.  If they did that, then everyone would make the proper adjustments and the whole ranking system would be pointless.  They do however provide quite a few "hints" or "tips" as to what questions you can ask yourself as a webmaster to generate quality content and website information.  They posted an article on Google Webmaster Central titled "More Guidance on Building High-Quality Sites" back in May of 2011. 

Some of the main points that they are looking for includes if you would trust the information on a particular site, or if the author of the content or article is well-known or trustworthy.  Almost all of the points they describe relate back to trust.  Simply put, the more trustworthy you make your site, the better it should perform in Google.

You can view their full list of helpful questions at

Can Sites Affected by Panda Recover?

In a word, yes.  Google isn't out to "get" anyone or try to punish sites.  Instead, they are rewarding websites that have original, trustworthy, and substantial quality content with higher rankings.  Any websites that have been affected by the algorithm changes, simply need to address the areas of their site or content that would be considered low-quality, and update it with new information.

Websites with large amounts of advertisements, typos, misspellings, or duplicate content have to address those areas of concern or risk ranking so low in the search engine results that nobody will ever find them.  Ask yourself simple, common-sense questions regarding each page and section of your website to determine if it feels professional, original, and trustworthy.  If any pages are weak, it can bring down the overall quality score of your site.

In Summary:

Google is trying to make the internet a better place by requiring websites to produce quality information that provides added value.  Our SEO experts, including myself, spend hundreds of hours each month trying to keep up with all the ongoing changes related to search engine optimization.  One thing that we can always count on when it comes to website rankings is the quality of the content.  Not only does it help with the rankings, and bringing more traffic to a website, but it also provides actual value to the visitors of the site.  Nobody enjoys reading sentence after sentence of keyword-stuffed paragraphs.  If it was up to me, I'd have called the algorithm change "Common Sense".

5 Tips for Choosing an SEO Company to Market Your Website

It doesn't matter how great a website is if nobody can find it.  The process of selecting an SEO Company to market your website can be a long, confusing, and sometimes frustrating process.  

After all, there are multiple search engine marketing strategies that can be implemented to successfully get a website to the top of the rankings.  The trick is knowing which strategies to use for which client, and determine which ones will work the fastest and most efficiently.  

At Newton we provide custom solutions depending on the client needs, and we think this is one of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing an SEO Company.  Here are 5 more tips to help you decide:

1) How Long Has The Company Been in Business?

Typically you are going to want to find a company that has been around a while and understands that search engine marketing is a constantly evolving process.  Our company has been providing search engine optimization and website design since 2001.

2) Ask What SEO Strategies The Company Uses

Without going into detailed specifics, the company should be able to give you several examples of techniques and strategies that they use to optimize a website.  At Newton we have Pricing Packages that we customize for every client and they all include multiple strategies such as social media marketing, content management, inbound link building, press releases, paid advertising, and on-page optimization.  

3) Do They Guarantee Their Work?

Most SEO companies will tell you that it's impossible to guarantee rankings because it's completely up to Google and positions and time frames can vary greatly from website to website.  While this is true, we still feel it's important to guarantee our workmanship.  We offer a 90 Day Ranking Guarantee that if your site isn't on the 1st page for one of the targeted keyword phrases within 90 days, you get the next 90 days completely free.  That's how confident we are that we can successfully market your website to the top of the rankings.

4) How Much Do They Charge?

Since there is a wide array of strategies that can be used, the amount of time on each strategy can vary greatly.  All of our Pricing Packages are based on the total number of hours we will be spending marketing your website each month.  The breakdown of how that time is spent will be determined after we analyze your website and customize our package and strategies to meet your specific needs.

5) Are They Friendly and Knowledgeable?

At Newton we provide every client with an Account Manager that will be your main point of contact whenever you have any questions or concerns.  You'll be able to call, email, and even text your Account Manager whenever you need information.  We offer this as part of our quality customer service, and back it up with over a decade of search engine marketing expertise.

These tips tips should help you decide when selecting an internet marketing company, and hopefully Newton Search Engine Marketing will be the SEO Company that best fits your needs.

To learn more about search engine optimization and our SEO Services, please visit our website at or call us at 877.456.3196.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Website

We have lots of clients that have heard that they should create a Facebook page or Twitter account for their business to help their website.  They've heard that tying their website into as many social media marketing websites as possible is a good idea, but most of them don't know why.  And even worse, they don't know how it can also hurt their business as well.

Benefits of Social Media 

Social Media is now a community of billions of users, and it's continuing to grow rapidly.  As of 2012, Facebook reported they totaled over 1.01 billion active users per month and that they acquire a new user in the United States every single second.  By targeting this audience, social media can work to spread the word about your website, product, or service.  

One of the biggest benefits of Social Media Marketing is that it can be the quickest way to drive up the popularity of your website.  If you create posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media websites that are interesting or thought provoking you are more likely for people to share that information.

Sometimes this can cause a domino effect of sorts, and either start a trend or possibly even go viral.  The more people that re-post or re-tweet what you wrote, the more it will help advertise your website and help your SEO efforts.

Another benefit of communicating with clients and potential customers using social media websites is that it helps to build a following or stronger customer base.

How Social Media Can Work Against You

Having your website linked to social media websites also has a downside.  If a potential customer who is visiting your website takes a look at your company Facebook or Twitter account and notices that you haven't posted or tweeted in a significant amount of time they may take their business elsewhere.

In Summary

Building potential customer confidence is one of the best ways to obtain new clients.  But if your website information, or social media marketing efforts are outdated or infrequently updated, it can also hurt you.  Keep your website content, blogs, and social media pages up to date and try to post interesting and unique information so that others are more likely to share it.

Why Do I Need an SEO Company to Market My Website?

SEO Company

Most businesses realize how important it is to have a website, but they don't always realize how important having an SEO Company like Newton market that website to the major search engines. 

Google and the other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are constantly changing their algorithm's to try and thwart anyone that is trying to take a shortcut to the top of the rankings. At Newton, we have a team of SEO Experts that are constantly researching which strategies are working and not working and adjusting accordingly.

Probably the largest advantage of using a professional SEO company to market your website is the fact that we have accumulated so much knowledge and experience from having marketed hundreds of websites, and your website and business gets to reap the rewards. Our SEO Services have been tweaked and perfected to work as quickly as possible.

We know which strategies work better than others, and the order and priority of the various search engine optimization techniques that will get your site to the top of the rankings using only search engine approved methods.

Multiple clients have told me personally that they wasted anywhere from 6-18 months trying to do search engine marketing themselves and never ranked higher than the 5th or 6th page of Google. Since approximately 90% of users only click 1st page results, and most of the rest never go past the 2nd page, their sites were never found.

Using an SEO company such as Newton Search Engine Marketing saves you the trial and error of search engine marketing strategies, frustration and failures of low rankings, and allows you to sit back and enjoy the rewards of the additional website traffic, customer calls and return on investment.

7 Tips to Get Your Website to the Top of Google

Once you have a website for your business, the next logical step is to make it possible for customers to find it.  Surprising to some, websites are not automatically indexed and displayed in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

At the very least, your website must be manually submitted to each of the search engines for consideration to be indexed, but it also needs to be search engine optimized using multiple SEO techniques, or it will be buried so deeply in the results that it will never be found.

Below we have come up with 7 Tips to Get Your Website to the Top of Google to help you get started.  Even though we are specifying Google, these tips do apply to all of the major search engines as well.

1. Make Sure The Basics Are Addressed

META tags such as the title, description, and keywords are somewhat ignored by Google when determining the rank of a website, BUT, it does help them understand what you are trying to accomplish on the page.  Using descriptive META tags helps the search engine spiders organize the information on your site and determine how relevant it is based on the other characteristics of your page.  Use normal language that a user would actually benefit from reading instead of stuffing as many keywords into the tags as you can.

2. Use Descriptive Page Filenames For Each Page On Your Site

When you are creating the filenames of your pages, use the main keyword or topic that you are focusing on for that page as part of the filename.  For example, if you own a hats website and have a section for for cowboy hats, then you should name your page cowboy-hats.html.

3. Create Quality Content

Content is the key to ranking well in the search engines, and especially Google.  The content of your pages should be informative and original.  You should include the keyword phrases you are targeting, but you should use multiple variations of each keyword instead of just repeating the phrase over and over.  

4. Properly Use Heading Tags in Your Content

When coding the html on your page, properly use Heading Tags by using H1 for the title of your page.  Use H2, and H3 tags for sub-sections of your page content, and use them based on how important each section is.

5. Building Links to Your Site

Similar to needing quality content, to rank high in Google and the major search engines you also need quality links from other websites to show Google that your site is trustworthy.  Links from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn, and Youtube can significantly help.

6. Create Internal Links

In additional to it being important to have other websites link to your website, it's also important for you to link different pages and sections of your website together.  If you are referencing a product or service from another area of your website, provide a link to that page.  It will help your users navigate around your site, and it helps to tell the search engines that it's an important phrase.

7. Create an XML Sitemap

Make it as easy as possible for the search engines to be able to figure out the structure of your website.  By creating an XML sitemap of all of the pages on your site, the search engine spiders will make sure to check each page.